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What is Morsel?

Morsel delivers free snacks and beverages to your office each month.

Yep, you read that right…FREE!


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Snack and Tell

Morsel is free of charge to all participating workplaces. All you have to do is ensure a minimum of 35% of your employees provide feedback via the Morsel website for each brand every month.

Morsel gift card

Employee Incentive Program

Every week, Morsel gives away up to four $50 Visa gift cards to employees who rate through “Snack and Tell”. Those who have completed least three product reviews will be added to yet another monthly contest for some seriously nostalgic merchandise!

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Personalized Promotion Offers

Each week Morsel sends participating employees personalized offers based on their individual product reviews. And no need to start trippin’ – we don’t spam (we promise!) and anyone can opt-out at any time.

* Employees are limited to one review, per product, per month (i.e. if an employee rates all 8 products, they are entered to win 8x). Entries reset to zero at the end of each month.

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